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Machinery and platforms rental service of the highest
quality in Las Palmas and Tenerife at a very
reasonable price:

  • Forklifts

  • Diesel compressors for compressed air and
    pneumatic hammers.

  • Generators (Electro-generator groups, lighting
    towers, lighting balloons, high power generators …)

  • Dumper trucks (hydraulic, articulated and
    swivelling, self-loading, concrete mixers, railway …)

  • Load handling (off-road trolleys, telescopic
    handling, pallet shifters, industrial trolleys…)

  • Earth moving equipment (mini-loaders, mini-
    excavators and mixed back-loaders…)

  • Compacting equipment (manual, tandem…, with
    machines from 65kg to 19,000 kg.)

  • Pumps (submersible, three-phase or single phase,
    water drainage...)

  • Equipment for the preparation and use of concrete
    (concrete mixers, vibrators and converters…)

  • Other auxiliary machines (from demolition and
    perforation hammers to drilling and cutting
    equipment, as well as air equipment, winches,
    pressure washing machines and motor-welders)

  • Modules (lean-to, secure containers, toilets and
    modules for offices)

  • Tower cranes

Plataformas Elevadoras de Tijera Eléctricas
Plataformas Elevadoras de Tijera Diesel
Plataformas Elevadoras Articuladas Eléctricas
Plataformas Elevadoras Articuladas Diesel
Plataformas Elevadoras Telescópicas
Elevadores Personales
Plataformas Elevadoras sobre Oruga
Carretillas Industriales Eléctricas
Carretillas Industriales Diesel
Plataformas Elevadoras sobre Camión

Maquinaria Generalista

Compresores y Martillos neumáticos
Generadores de Energía
Tablas de conversión
Carretillas Todo Terreno y Manipuladores
Movimiento de Tierras


Casetas de Obra
Oficinas Móviles
Baños Químicos
Andamios de Aluminio
MACHINERY RANGE Lifting Platforms to cover needs up to 90 meters height....

  • Scissors lifts up to 28m height (electric, diesel)
  • Articulated booms
  • Electric, up to 20m height
  • Diesel, up to 43m height
  • Telescopic booms up to 43 m height
  • Truck platforms up to 90 m height (self-drive or with driver)
  • Trailer mounted booms up to 30m height
  • Special platforms (personal and lifts for material)
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