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  • Absorption pads & spill cleaning chemicals

  • Bunkering coordination & quality surveys

  • Bunkering Services via barge or alongside

  • Complying with all local laws and regulations

  • Dedicated source of supply to always have
    fuel when your ship comes in

  • Equipment and processes to accurately
    blend bunker product and well trained
    personnel to operate it

  • Fuel Quality Control

  • On time service at competitive prices

  • Provision of a variety of marine fuel products

  • Well-established and well-connected
    bunkering facilities in the Canary Islands

  • 365 days / 7 days a week / 24 hrs schedule
    in the Canary Islands
Las Palmas offers a wide range of bunkering services. Bunkers are physically
supplied at highly competitive rates. Bunkers supply can be arranged either
via barge or alongside berth depending on owner's requirements. You can  
enquire us about available bunkering services and fees and see for yourself
why  Las Palmas is a leading worldwide bunker trader.

Las Palmas Port has consolidated over the years its position as bunkering
specialist by providing first class service to all clients.

It serves the bunkering needs of a wide scope of ships such as merchants
vessels, ocean going yachts & cruise ships, oil tankers, military and
government vessels as well as many fishing fleets.

Besides, it is a proven supplier of marine fuel available 24 hours a day 7 days
a week.  

Send us your request without compromise and we shall forward your request
to an authorized supplier as soon as possible.

[email protected]

Mobilgard 1 SHC  

Mobilgard M30 Series

Mobilgard M40 Series

Mobilgard M50

Mobilgard ADL Series

Mobilgard 570

Mobilgard 300

Mobilgard 12 Series

Mobilgard 409 NC

Shell Gadinia Series

Shell Alexia Series

Shell Argina T Series

Shell Argina X Series

Shell Gadinia AL Series

Shell Rotella T Triple Protection Series

Shell Rotella T1 Series

Shell Rotella T5 Series

Shell Rotella T6 Series

Shell Rimula Super Series