LA LUZ PORT Ship Suppliers in Las Palmas and Tenerife provide
vessels with provisions, bonded stores, compounds, paint, rope,
steels, BA charts and a very large spectrum of items the ship may
be in need of.

The advantage of a ship's crew using a shipchandler is that they do
not have to find stores in the town they have landed in, nor
hold that local currency.

Our distinguishing feature is their high level of service demanded
and the short time required to arrange and deliver your special
quickly, delay is expensive and the services of a professional and
efficient chandler is crucial.

Ask for a quotation without compromise and we shall forward your
enquiry to an authorized supplier.
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00. Provisions        
10. Whisky & Cigarettes     
11. Welfare Items        
15. Cloth & Linen Products     
17. Tableware & Galley Utensils              
19. Clothing     
21.Rope & Hawsers        
23. Rigging Equipment    
25. Marine Paint        
27. Painting Equipment     
31. Safety Protection Gear
33. Safety Equipment     
35. Hose & Couplings        
37. Nautical Equipment     
39. Medicine        
45. Petroleum Products     
47. Stationery        
49. Hardware     
51. Brushes & Mats        
53. Lavatory Equipment     
55. Cleaning Material & Chemicals  
59. Pneumatic & Electrical Tools    
61. Hand Tools        
63. Cutting Tools     
65. Measuring Tools        
67. Metal Sheets, Bars, Angles  
69. Screws & Nuts        
71. Pipes & Tubes     
73. Pipe & Tube Fittings        
75. Valves & Cocks     
77. Bearings        
79. Electrical Equipment     
81. Packing & Jointing        
85. Welding Equipment     
87. Machinery Items        
99. Fishing Tools     
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