•  Assist with the completion of all relevant
    documentation upon vessel's arrival and before

  • Arrange berth and all port requirements in  close
    liaise with Local Port Authority prior to arrival and
    during stay

  • Bunkering coordination & quality surveys

  • Launch Boat Arrangement

  •  Cash to Master

  •  Crew Changes, including arranging visas and
    entry formalities

  •  De-bunkering

  •  De-slopping / wasted oil removal

  •  Fresh Water Supply

  •  Freight Forwarding

  •  Storage

  •  Vessel Chartering
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Agents in Las Palmas and Tenerife work 365 days a year to meet ships and owners requirements
offering a very large spectrum of services both alongside and at anchorage.

Las Palmas is one of the busiest ports in the world. Many owners and charterers find it convenient to carry
out their crew changes, receive spares, deck stores or Cash to Master here because of its strategic location
halfway between Europe and the other two continents (Africa and America) within the island of Gran Canaria.

La Luz port is also a convenient location for some owners for storage of large marine spares such as
propellers, etc.

Ship owners are aware of the fact that an hour delay in-port can cost thousands of dollars, therefore
anchorage space at Las Palmas enable them to fulfill their vessel's requirement without the need to enter
into port water, thus avoiding the need for going through port entry formalities and saving costs in terms of
port fees, pilotage and other charges.

Other owners however may prefer to get alongside La Luz Port and benefit from the wide range of services
offered within its facilities.

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The following services are available in the port. We can forward your enquiry to an
authorised ship agent, on your behalf. Please feel free to ask about any other
requirements you may have.
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