La Luz Castle is one of the most important buildings in the architectural heritage of Las Palmas. It was built in 1494 by Juan Rejón, an Aragonese captain in the service of the
Castilian navy, who was appointed by the Catholic Monarchs to participate in the conquest of the Canary Islands. Rejón founded the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,  and
after the conquest he had this emblematic landmark built not only for the purpose of it being used as a fortress against Dutch and English pirates (Drake, Van der Does, etc...)
but also as a deterrent force against potential enemies. It has also served as a pest house, makeshift field hospital, an inn and a lighthouse throughout the years.

It is located in the northern part of the island, next to
La Luz Port in Las Palmas. This fortress was originally built over a reef and was constantly buffeted by the sea,
remaining isolated during hide tide. However, the subsequent development and modernization of the town left it on dry-land after its surrounding area was filled with earth.
It rises up majestically like a guard building with its magnificent turrets and watchtowers. During many years, this castle was the only means of defence for the city of
Las Palmas.

It is a square-shaped building with three levels. It has three round towers and a platform adapted for eleven cannons. You can access the interior via a drawbridge. A half arch
shows the image of Our Holy Virgin (Nuestra Sra. Virgen de La Luz).

The passage of time obviously affected not only its original use, but also its external appearance, as result of sea and wind erosion and attacks by pirates during the
16th century, during which the city was looted and burnt. The fortress ended up in a ruinous condition. In the 1960's however it was partially reconstructed to become an
exhibition gallery. It was only recently that the castle has been turned into a new exhibition space equipped with appropriate facilities  
for a contemporary museum, after being fully restored.


The Prince and the Princess of Asturias visited Gran Canaria on their way back to Spain from Honduras to officially inaugurate the newly-restored La Luz Castle, which was the first
ever fort to be built in the Canaries. Prince Felipe was accompanied by his glamorous wife, Letizia Ortiz and local authorities, during the visit.
History of La Luz Castle
Castillo de La Luz, Las Palmas)
The Prince of Asturias
officially inaugurates the
newly-restored La Luz
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