• Dry Bulk Tank Cleaning (G-cement, Barite
    and Bentonite

  • Wet Bulk Tank Cleaning / OBM (Oil Based

  • Oil, Water Based Mud and Drill Cutting

  • Tank Cleaning for Change of Product

  • Experience in diesel tanks, water
tanks, ballast tanks, drill water

  • Waste Management generated as a
    result of the cleaning process

  • Tote Tks (IBC r Drums)

  • Vacuum Tank Trucks

  • Multibox Deposits

  • High pressure washing/steam cleaning  
    at pressures from 200 to 800 bar and
    temperatures from 10 to 120 degrees

  • Scaffolding assembly

  • Cleaning liners using self-propelled
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The vessel tanks need to be cleaned regularly
prior to changing/taking on different fluids for
different applications. The problem with drilling
mud is that there is a tendency for the solids that
are contained in it, to settle out regardless of
what sort of circulating systems are installed. The
method of cleaning the vessel tanks involves lots
of  manual labor with extensive confined space
entry and exposure to fluids and vapors.

These companies have wide experience in these
types of jobs and count on an all the
necessary equipment to ensure the job is carried
out properly to the client's satisfaction and of
course always complying with all safety
standards and regulations.

They can respond at short notice. Their high
pressure equipment ranges from 100 to 3000
bar and we have effective vacuum pumps able to
suction all type of materials.

Buques y Plataformas

Limpiezas de tanques de
hidrocarburos en buques y
plataformas petrolíferas.  
Limpiezas de instalaciones de
vapores grasos y de aire
acondicionado en los mismos.

Servicios en contacto con espacios
confinados y/o atmósferas explosivas
con un un alto nivel de
seguridad y calidad.
Instalaciones Petrolíferas

Limpiezas de tanques de
hidrocarburos, trasvase de
líneas, mantenimiento industrial,
etc.. y todo lo relacionado con
limpiezas técnicas dentro de estas
The following tank-cleaning services are available in the port. We can forward your
enquiry to an authorised company, on your behalf. Please feel free to ask about any
other requirements you may have.
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