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История порта
Справочник компаний
местные виды спорта
The figure of Juan de
León y Castillo was
crucial in the
construction of Las
Palmas Port.  Born in
Telde (1834-1912)...
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View our complete port
services guide in La
Luz and useful
information about its
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Vela Latina regattas take
place  along the coastline
of Las Palmas City from
April to October
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Фото Галерея
межостровного судоходства
Old pictures of La
Luz Port such as that
of Mr. Basil Miller,
director of Lambert
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La Luz Port has always
been a magnet for
celebrities and has
been happy to welcome
over the years a great
variety of...
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Roll-on/roll-off ships are
vessels designed to carry
wheeled cargo such as
automobiles that are
driven on and off the ship
on their own wheels...
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British Influence in Gran Canaria
Полезная информация
The British firm
Swanston & Co
was awarded a
contract for the
construction of  
La Luz Port    
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The British firm
Swanston & Company
was awarded a contract
for the construction
of  La Luz Port    
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Las Palmas Port is
one of the busiest
ports worldwide in
terms of Cruise
Ships stopovers...
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Prominent and
Distinguished Canarians

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Las Palmas Offshore Rigs
Puerto de La Luz 1883-2014 (Gran Canaria)
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Muelle Reina Sofía, Área V,
Parcela C-26
Dársena Exterior, Puerto de
Las Palmas (La Luz Port),
35008 Las Palmas de Gran
Canaria – SPAIN

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