Orenburg Pneumatic Fenders
Legendary Orenburg pneumatic fenders are
produced over 40 years
Now available in
warehouse in Las

Sample  NVK-3        

Well proven and used among fishing, processing and
transport vessels.

Now available in warehouse in Las Palmas

Orenburg pneumatic fenders are designed and suitable for
ships’ protection from impulsive blow work as bulk whilst
docking and their  common standing under open sea

Sample  NVK-3        
Mass – 850 kg        
Operating Internal pressure -   80-100 kPa
Pressure perceived under 50% compression – 1100 kN
Churning of water – up to 7 balls
The temperature of the environment  -40 C up to +45 C
Minimum age - 7 years

The warranty period of the fender is 2 years from the date of
receipt by the Buyer

The reasonable advantage of the fenders  manufactured by
our company is reduced-weight, extended operational life, the
accessibility of maintenance both outside and inside. Besides,
we guarantee that the pneumatic fenders correspond to the
specification requirements  (Specifications 38105167-2001Е)
provided all the exploitation,
storage and transportation  conditions are met.
E-mail: fendersorenburg@gmail.com / www.fendersorenburg.com