Warm waters provide the optimal environment for barnacles, plants and microorganisms to grow on underwater surfaces. It is therefore crucial to clean your ship bottom every now and then so as to prevent maximum speed of your ship from being decreased as its hull becomes fouled with marine growth.

Hiring a professional divers team with a great service record is important to your boat, your budget and your ship general upkeep and performance

Underwater Cleaning
Underwater Cleaning

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A wide range of underwater services is offered in both Las Palmas and Tenerife Ports, such as cutting and welding, in-water video surveys, hull inspections and cleaning, metal thickness readings, lost anchors recovery, hull sealing & repair to mention but a few.

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Underwater Cleaning
Underwater Cleaning
  • In-water surveys for classification
  • Installation and repair of submarine cables
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of platforms, rigs and pipelines
  • Marine sediment and debris removal
  • Propeller polishing & repair work
  • Recovery of lost anchors & chains
  • Salvage operations
  • Sealing of hull cracks, holes and leakages by patching or welding
  • Underwater works recorded before and after the cleaning, repair or inspection has taken place
  • Underwater hull, bilge keel, rudder, propeller and sea inlets cleaning
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements of ship framing & hull
  • Underwater surveys and inspections in accordance with the requirements of the Classification Societies
  • Wet / Submarine welding and cutting
  • Underwater Inspection Services cover all the Canary Islands (Las Palmas and Tenerife)
  • UW complete hull cleaning
  • UW maintenance and repair
  • Underwater repairs by professional reliable divers
Underwater Cleaning
Underwater Cleaning

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