Ship Supply in Jorf Lasfar Port (Morocco)
Ship supply in port Jorf Lasfar Morocco
Fresh Vegetables and Fruit
A selection of the freshest
products for client's satisfaction
Fish and Seafood
A selection of a wide variety of
fish and seafood products are
delivered on a daily basis (both
frozen and fresh).
Provisions, bonded store, safety equipment, deck or
engine stores, fresh & dry provision, cabin stores,
mooring ropes, firefighting equipment, refilling of gas
service on navigation equipment, chemical products,
Marine paints, workshop, underwater services, bunker
supply, scrap and BA charts & publications - delivery in
the most professional and quickest way based on long
experience in this port and nearby ports in Morocco
(Jorf Lasfar, Safi, Agadir, Casablanca, Mohammedia)  
plus Dakar and Senegal Ports. We respect Your time,
whether You have a prompt delivery to be done,
quotation or just enquiry - we try to organize everything
as soon as possible. We aim to give our clients the
products of the best quality and an outstanding service.
We offer a whole range ship chandler service,
delivering all kind of products to the vessels,
Provisions, Deck, Engine and Bonded store. We also
provide a day by day service for the vessels staying in
the local shipyard. Our strong points are: High Quality
Products, Competitive Prices, Punctuality and Reliability.
Deck Stores:
Supply of a wide variety of deck
stores your vessel may require
on arrival.
Wire Slings
Supply of wire slings (all sizes
and materials), steel sheets,
pipes, etc...

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my abdellah el jadida morocco
 Phone: (+212) 661 26 35 02/
(+212) 618 80 61 88