LA LUZ PORT Ship Suppliers in Las Palmas and Tenerife provide
vessels with provisions, bonded stores, compounds, paint, rope,
steels, BA charts and a very large spectrum of items the ship may
be in need of.

The advantage of a ship's crew using a shipchandler is that they do
not have to find stores in the town they have landed in, nor
hold that local currency.

Our distinguishing feature is a high level of service in spite of the
short time required to arrange and deliver owner's orders quickly
and efficiently thus saving unnecessary extra costs. That's why
counting on a reliable, professional and efficient local chandler is

Ask for a quotation without compromise and we shall forward an
estimate immediately.
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Canary Islands Ship Suppliers
00. Provisions        
10. Whisky & Cigarettes     
11. Welfare Items        
15. Cloth & Linen Products     
17. Tableware & Galley Utensils              
19. Clothing     
21.Rope & Hawsers        
23. Rigging Equipment    
25. Marine Paint        
27. Painting Equipment     
31. Safety Protection Gear
33. Safety Equipment     
35. Hose & Couplings        
37. Nautical Equipment     
39. Medicine        
45. Petroleum Products     
47. Stationery        
49. Hardware     
51. Brushes & Mats        
53. Lavatory Equipment     
55. Cleaning Material & Chemicals  
59. Pneumatic & Electrical Tools    
61. Hand Tools        
63. Cutting Tools     
65. Measuring Tools        
67. Metal Sheets, Bars, Angles  
69. Screws & Nuts        
71. Pipes & Tubes     
73. Pipe & Tube Fittings        
75. Valves & Cocks     
77. Bearings        
79. Electrical Equipment     
81. Packing & Jointing        
85. Welding Equipment     
87. Machinery Items        
99. Fishing Tools     
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